Cuba after the Spanish American War
Taiwan after WWII

Flowchart Analysis of the Transfer of Sovereignty -- Cuba

Prior to 1898, the sovereignty of Cuba was originally held by Spain. After extensive research, I have compiled a ten-step flowchart analysis showing the transfer of Cuban sovereignty from the Spanish government to the Cuban government, covering the period of July 1898 to May 1902. Full conclusions regarding the status of Cuba in the world as of May 20, 1902 are offered at the end.

Cuba became an independent sovereign nation on May 20, 1902, and this is a matter of historical record, fully recognized by the world community.

Flowchart Analysis of the Transfer of Sovereignty -- Taiwan

Prior to 1945, the sovereignty of Taiwan was originally held by Japan. However, somewhere in the following years (or decades) this sovereignty apparently became misplaced, and today Taiwan is not recognized as a sovereign nation. The United Nations has repeatedly failed to consider Taiwan's application for membership to either the UN or its subsidiary agencies (such as the World Health Organization) precisely because the world community does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

A careful reading of the Taiwan Relations Act also shows that the Taiwan governing authorities are currently exercising control over a geographical area where they do not have "ownership", and that Taiwan is not an independent sovereign nation.
(See where this is fully clarified.)

However, since sovereignty contains components of (a) permanent population, and (b) defined territory, it is clear that the sovereignty of Taiwan has not withered or disappeared from 1945 to today. Hence it must be somewhere. Unfortunately, up to the present era, no international legal scholars have been able to offer any convincing formulation or proof for determining the answer to this question: Where is the sovereignty of Taiwan at the present time?

In order to try to answer this question, the ten-step flowchart analysis formulation is used to analyze the transfer of Taiwan sovereignty from Japan to its current location. In other words, this analysis can determine the place where Taiwan's sovereignty is currently residing. Full conclusions regarding the status of Taiwan in the world today are offered at the end.

Flowchart Analysis: Cuba after the Spanish American War, Taiwan after WWII

Further information on flag, allegiance, military government, interim status, US Constitution, cession, annexation, and related topics is provided for additional illumination.

Points of Confusion over the Cuba Question and Cuba Sovereignty up to May 20, 1902

Points of Confusion over the Taiwan Question and Taiwan Sovereignty up to the present day

If you need further information on this agenda, please see Viewpoint on the Taiwan Question

original compilation by Richard W. Hartzell

International Law of War Researcher

Taipei, Taiwan